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Welcome to Myriad

We’re passionate about relationships. All relationships. The ones between us and our clients. And especially the ones between our clients and their customers.

Committed to strengthening the bond between your company and your target audience, Myriad connects people to your brand with relevant and memorable experiences, taking your relationships to a whole new level.

Featured Work

Backed by measurement and analysis, Myriad’s approach is geared toward achieving results, which means helping our clients reach new customers and relate to existing ones, inspire the channel, and engage employees.

A can-do attitude, a keen eye for detail, technology enabled process and an award winning portfolio combine to make Myriad the right partner to put you in the spotlight.

340 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1K8 Canada
T: (416) 703-8701 • 1 877-MYRIAD