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We’re passionate about relationships. All relationships. The ones between us and our clients. And especially the ones between our clients and their customers.

Committed to strengthening the bond between your company and your target audience, Myriad connects people to your brand with relevant and memorable experiences, taking your relationships to a whole new level.

Backed by measurement and analysis, Myriad’s approach is geared toward achieving results, which means helping our clients reach new customers and relate to existing ones, inspire the channel, and engage employees.

A can-do attitude, a keen eye for detail, technology enabled process and an award winning portfolio combine to make Myriad the right partner to put you in the spotlight.



From tight marketing strategy to proven executions, Myriad helps identify new customers, and strengthen relationships with those existing. We'll provide the momentum you need to turn prospects into brand advocates and measureable results. We'll target your audiences where they live, work and play, and segment your customers to focus your marketing efforts. Our technology tools provide insight into opportunities and efficiencies that equal programs and campaigns with ROI.



People are the foundation of your organization. Without an informed, motivated workforce, the delivery of your brand's promise just won't measure up. We believe that to inspire customers you must first inspire your team, and it's the most vital investment an organization can make. From incentive programs, to contests, from newsletters to intranets, from channel toolsets to internal campaigns that align your workforce to your organization's goals, Myriad will help make your objectives a reality. We'll enable your people so they can represent your brand effectively.



We'll work with you to build a brand that truly resonates. We become intimate with your corporate vision and tailor a strategy to help make it a reality. Our approach guarantees a relationship between your brand and how your audience connects – whether it's about awareness, cultivating conversations, or inspiring action. We'll help you grow your brand with memorable experiences that differentiate you in the market and meets your business needs.

Our clients

Cara Operations Vendor Showcase

In what is definitely one of our most delicious yearly projects to date, our client sought us out to organize an annual showcase for their preselected food industry vendors, who were invited to introduce highlights of their offerings and ideas to the brand teams. Participation by the selected vendors is the prime opportunity to present innovative or themed menu offerings to key brand team members with the ultimate goal of having their items added in the near future to restaurant menu selections. This event has, in the past, left something to be desired with regard to format and feedback. We took the reins from our client, who was anticipating change while maintaining the quality and prestige of the venue used in the past. We researched more suitable venues, chose one that we thought would be conducive to the changes that were needed, and reformatted many of the details of the showcase.  The multiple changes resulted in an amazing turnaround and exceptionally positive feedback, which saw approval ratings by vendors and the client between 90-100%.

Loblaw Pharmacy Conference

This food industry giant’s annual educational and networking conference for its pharmaceutical arm was divided in two, east and west, incorporating Atlantic Eastern, and Country Western themes in Halifax and Calgary, respectively. One overarching theme, “Getting better every day”, advocated promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Being proponents of practice before preaching, we challenged participants to stay active during the Conference by striving to maintain 10,000 steps a day (monitored by branded pedometers). We also brought in local experts to lead delegates in yoga stretches which could be used practically while at work. We wanted delegates to leave with knowledge that could better their lives – and advocated to, the lives of their customers. The response? Myriad's end to end conference management and creative met and exceeded delegates' expectations, according to survey results. Quebec Region participants particularly appreciated the attention paid to accommodating their language needs, which we ensured would not prevent their full participation, start to finish.

Loblaw Internal Newsletter

Our client, whose accolades include being routinely awarded as one of “Canada’s Top 100 Employers” and “Canada’s Greenest Employers” to name a few, approached us with their unique communications objective: create an interesting, aesthetically-pleasing and interactive newsletter with a readership of 120,000 employees. This newsletter needed to appeal equally to everyone, from those in part-time in-store roles to management office executives, cross-country. It was no small feat, but we knew we could produce something which would ultimately please a group as diverse as its readers. The paper incorporates stories submitted, and reflects the values of the company and the people who work there. Along with recognition pieces, a portion of the paper is set aside for feedback, ideas and some fun elements like recipes and puzzles. Layout and design are eye-catching and reader-friendly, with photos incorporated throughout. Now in its fifth year, this bi-monthly, 8-page, full colour tabloid publication continues to make its way to locations across Canada, sharing stories and ideas as well as new and innovative products and services. The publication plays a crucial part in fostering a true sense of community to the 120,000 colleagues who receive it.

Loblaw Manager Training Program

The store managers a major grocery chain had some issues. From being inundated with communications, to keeping up with minding their business, taking care of their customers, engaging their colleagues, executing programs, and lending a hand to round up carts in the parking lot or accept a delivery, their days were full. On top of that, the company wanted them to spend more time with customers and colleagues on the store floor. Wanting a solution that would help managers allot their time appropriately, without feeling over-burdened and without it being another 'to do' on an already full list. We wanted managers to feel understood, knowing they go through a lot and often times it can be very challenging. Letting them know we understood would go a long way to opening the door to meaningful dialogue about how all of us can effect positive changes as we move forward, and to propose a new and better way to schedule their time.

Harvey's National Managers' Meeting

What do you get when you take the 50th anniversary of a colossal fast food brand, add managers, franchise owners, and Home Office reps, and throw in sand, sea and fun? Myriad thought it would be a good time to find out! Harvey’s decided to incorporate their annual National Manager’s Meeting into a 50th Anniversary celebration, so we held the meeting at a place suitable for such an occasion: the exciting Atlantis resort in Nassau, Bahamas. In typical work hard/play hard fashion, we loaded the meeting days with interesting content-rich business sessions and motivational speeches by key industry speakers. To balance out the work, sponsored leisure activities such as sailing, snorkeling and a dolphin encounter were offered. There were also evening activities, such as a white glove plated award ceremony featuring traditional local entertainment. Additionally, we developed a fun spousal program for those who invited their better halves along. In the end, we were able to successfully amalgamate the meeting and anniversary components, as well as ensuring that spouses were entertained and everyone had a great time. Despite actual attendance being higher than budgeted, we managed significant cost savings through negotiation and hands-on production management.

Hewlett-Packard Master the Cloud Tour

The goal? Position Hewlett-Packard and its partners as industry leaders in cloud solutions and place them in a unique position to help customers find success in the cloud. The challenge? Demystify the cloud: public, private, or hybrid, and harness its true potential as an invaluable technology for any business. The solution: a signature event executed in all major Canadian centres to drive leads and fuel pipeline for Cloudsystems and Cloud components. Myriad staged conferences with breakout session topics running the gamut from building cloud services to understanding the ROI promise. Awareness was increased, leads were derived, and the overall feedback regarding all aspects of the events was extremely positive; attendees left with their heads firmly in the cloud.

Hewlett-Packard OPS Conference

It was Tee Time when our technology client hired us to organize a conference for C-level channel executives and key decision-makers for their second annual senior executive program. We proposed hosting it at a scenic San Diego golf course resort, with a component which allowed attendees to indulge in spa treatments. Naturally, this was well-received by our client. The catch? It had to be done on a strict budget without compromising the quality of the experience, venue, and food for the VIP attendees. To keep costs in check without cutting any of the fabulous programming, we selected a location with a short transfer to one of the client's technical campuses and negotiated heavily on hotel space and room rates. Function space was divided between the host location and campus. Networking opportunities were structured into the evening portion of the agenda which was ideal as it created great topics of conversation. With the use of the two locations, the client's objections of balanced structured sessions, workshops, campus hands-on tours and along with networking opportunities were achieved, and needless to say, guests left feeling rejuvenated, educated and ready to sell.

Hewlett-Packard Manager's Summit

The annual week-long training program invites 500 participants from across Canada to participate in a series of educational exercises and motivational talks. With different activities taking place over the course of the week at the venue, logistics were paramount to keeping the separate events on track. Custom brand compliant staging with supporting collateral materials were developed, summit facilities and activities were sourced, and travel and hotel accommodations were coordinated. To avoid confusion during registration, Myriad recommended a database system utilizing existing employee numbers to populate custom schedules for each individual in attendance. We also provided simple yet effective solutions to streamline group activities and meet the requirement that each group be diverse in make-up on the fly. Aside from keeping multiple training sessions running concurrently throughout the week, a themed gala evening complete with entertainment was organized to cap off five days of hard work. Logistics were rocked with precision, training was had, and feedback was positive across the board.

Research In Motion
Blackberry Pearl Launch

When it came to launching Blackberry Pearl to the top US carriers, including Verizon and US Cellular, RIM came to Myriad with a challenge. The device was launching earlier than planned and they had a very short turn-around to both market the phone to their channel and to provide the channel with a robust toolset. This toolset called for training materials, POP, and ads ready to place with their local media outlets. Debuting a new, elegant silver colour and a plethora of new features designed to simplify everything in the users life, we developed a similarly sophisticated design solution. A series of elements was developed with an emphasis on the beauty of the new styling for the product buoyed by imagery that evoked simplicity and class and clever tag lines that played on the new colour and the product name. The materials were also scalable and cross-compatible to integrate with the various carrier's existing brand standards and iconography.

Apple Annual Kick Off

Apple’s annual national Kick Off program is host to over 200 live attendees who gather once a year to inform, inspire, reinforce messaging and encourage achievement of stated goals. As creative direction was already partially in place, we took the themes built on the concept of ‘the race’ that were already present and ran with them. Guest speakers from the Andretti Racing Team were brought in to speak on the importance of teamwork in realizing objectives and were present to interact with attendees. Custom set integration, production of visuals for the Keynote, and an awards ceremony were just a few of the elements involved in ensuring the event was a success.

United Paragon Associates Inc. Package Design

Paragon was a pharmaceutical start-up with a product which had tested far superior to its competitors already in market. Enter Myriad: we worked with this company to develop a package to communicate and promote the opportunity to the major generic brands. This package included studies and white papers commissioned from top physicians and leaders in the industry and was presented in an attractively branded package. All materials incorporated a tactile, geometric pattern with a multi-dimensional effect using bright, inviting, and eye-catching colours. Custom die-cutting and folding culminated in a specialized package that held some introductory statistics and touch points as well as a custom-made USB key containing all key information about the product.

CN Annual General Meeting

Each year, our client tasks us with planning and managing their Annual General Meeting in a different city in North America, attended by 300-500 live guests. With the AGM situated in a new city each year, and with shareholders spread across the continent and around the world, we have been able to make the event remotely accessible via live webcast to those who cannot attend. This annual event showcases our ability to seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art communications technology into a large-scale stakeholder event. In providing a simultaneous translation service, we ensure that non-English speakers won’t miss a beat during the meeting. Diligent registration staff oversaw shareholder authentication and enhanced security measures necessary for this type of event were provided. In addition, as the media are a large component of the event, we need to ensure all of their needs are met. This includes a discreet registration area, pool feeds, and a lit interview area complete with backdrop and electrical. We like to think we pull out all the stops to make sure the event is a success year after year.

Safeguard Biosystems Branding

Always an exciting endeavour, Myriad was tasked with developing every aspect of Safeguard's brand from the ground up. Although they were already selling in market they were looking to build their channel and required a consistent customer-facing look-and-feel and professional packaging to tell their unique story. Apart from all of their corporate ID a number of additional elements were produced including sell sheets, packaging design, slide templates, original digital illustration, to name a few. The concept behind the visuals themselves revolve around the concept of "protecting the herd" or "guarding the flock", which is evident in the clean lines of the logo protectively encasing the shapes within. It's a solution that is both timeless and impactful, and was carried out across all collateral: strong colours, bold shapes, and clean sans serif treatment of type and copy.

General Motors Dealer Conference

We organized and facilitated this auto industry giant’s five day National Dealer Conference in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. A truly massive undertaking, the event put our logistics and event planning skills to the test playing host to 2,200 delegates with a need for air travel, hotel and ground arrangements, bilingual registration and guest services, and separate spousal programs. Myriad executed the week long meeting across two host hotel locations, four meeting venues ranging from the Scottsdale Plaza Resort to the Firebird Speedway, and a lavishly outfitted 70,000 square foot air-conditioned tent complete with flooring, a fabric ceiling, and chandeliers. The entire event was capped off with an off-site dinner at the iconic Reatta Pass for the entire group and an $80,000 pyrotechnic display replete with a 75’ GM logo. Talk about setting the world on fire.

Hilton Online Advertising

Tasked with providing the creative direction and production for this big player in the hospitality industry’s online advertising, Myriad delivered in spades. Executing within the existing brand standards for all of their associated properties, we developed a modern, minimal series of banners and digital advertisements that highlighted the family-centric messaging used across all elements. Tasteful hits of brand-specific colour called out simple verbage to catch the consumers eye, and was paired with warm, inviting imagery intended to take the viewer on a trip to their perfect family getaway. Comfort, affordability, and no-nonsense approach to customer service were all themes that needed to be evident in the ads. The lack of clutter and clear focus on the messaging made for an elegant creative solution synonymous with the brand’s simple yet sophisticated family-first reputation. Ads appeared on major social media platforms such as Facebook to maximize the potential reach of the campaign. Additionally, a unique tracking system was placed in the back-end that could identify the source for bookings and which sites they were referred from. This was used to test the performance of the third party media; these tracking tags pulled results from third party websites that targeted very specific demographics including sites geared to 50+ travellers, families with young children, and gay and lesbian users.

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